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Marble tile Grapes

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Coaster Sets


Cutting Boards

These Custom made marble, ceramic and glass tiles are very versatile.  They are all heat resistant up to 400 degrees.
Some suggested uses for them:  The marble and ceramic tiles are great for coaster, spoon rests, and trivets. We can also put a hook on the back so you can hang them as a decorative touch. The glass tiles can be used as cutting boards, or trivets. They are also fun to chill and use as a serving platter to serve appetizers, such as cheese, grapes and crackers.  Use your imagination!
I can make any of these items using any of my images on my website.

Marble tiles     4×4    $15
Ceramic Tiles  4×4    $15       6×6 $25      8×8 $30    12×12 $40
Glass Cutting Board/ Trivet   8×10 $25     12×12 $35    12×15 $40
Coaster sets    $35  Include  4 ceramic tiles (they can be all the same image or your choice of mixed images on our website)