2018 Events Calendar

June 2- 3rd   Kalamazoo Institute of Arts Fair in Kalamazoo MI (Located in Bronson Park)
Fri 3-8pm    Sat 9am-5pm  Booth F17

June 10th   Berkley Art Bash  in Berkley MI (Located on 12 mile between Coolidge and Greenfield)
Booth 122 and 123
Sat 10am- 6pm

July 1-2nd   West Shore Art Fair in Ludington MI.  (Located in Rotary Park) Booth A18 & A19
Sat 10am-5pm  Sun 10am- 4pm

July 4th   Harbor Spring Art Fair  in Harbor Springs MI  (Located in Zorn Park)
Sat 9am-5pm

July 15th   Petoskey Art Fair  Located in Petoskey MI (Located in Pennsylvania Park)
Sat 10am-6pm

Aug 4-6th   Brighton Fine Art and Acoustic Music Festival  Located in Brighton MI  (Located on Main St. in downtown Brighton)
Fri 5pm  Sat 10am- 8pm  Sun 10am- 4pm

Aug 27th   Northfield Hills Art Fair  Located in Troy MI (on the NW corner of Long Lake and Coolidge)
Booth #1
Sun 10am- 6pm